As a trader, you can have several goals when using FootballXP. You can either try to get the biggest portfolio and have a little bit of every football player shares, or you can try to make the biggest money out of buying and selling only from one football player.


You can buy as often and as many football player shares as you want, provided you have enough funds in your account.
The initial price of a football player share is published according to the following formula: 10M€ value = 1€ share.
Then, the higher the demand for a particular football player in the market, the higher the price for this player will be. The price is following the simple rule of demand and supply like any stock market.
You always need to keep available funds in your balance in order to keep your position open. In case your available fund cannot cover the position open, your position will close automatically.


You have the option of cashing out your trades by selling your shares (for either more or less than you originally paid for the shares).
Your Shares will be sold at the Announced Buy Price at the time the Sell Order is completed for each Share, rather than at the price when you first place the Sell Order.


The difference between the Published Buy Price and the Instant Sell Price is called the ‘Spread’. The Spread may vary, especially in relation to footballers whose Share prices are experiencing high levels of volatility. FootballXP is advising you to be careful of the spread variation when you buy or sell a share. As a trader, you should have a look and understand the market behavior to take into account the spread variation.


The shares are listed in a category of the account known as your ‘Portfolio,’ which displays the number of shares you actually hold.
The portfolio shows the total value of the Shares in your portfolio, which is based on the Buy Price of all Shares at the time the screen or page is loaded. So your portfolio value can be increased or decreased compared to the amount you originally paid when you bought the Shares.

Top players

Football players are promoted and relegated to the Top Players at 00:00 every day on the basis of their Buy Price.

Leverage tool

You can buy 10, 50, 100, 200 or 1000 times the share of a football player without additional cost, but keep in mind that using the high leverage can bring you high return and also fast loss.