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If you wish to update your personal details (e.g contact details) please follow these simple steps.

1. Log in to footballxp.com and click on ‘My Account’

2. Replace your old details with your new ones

3. Click ‘Save’

Note: Your personal details will update immediately once you have clicked ‘Save’. Also, your username cannot be changed.

If you wish to change your current password please follow these simple steps:

1. Click on ‘Forgot your username / password’

2. Enter your email address & click ‘Submit’

3. A reset link will be sent to your email address

4. Click on the link & put in the desired password

5. Click ‘Submit’

Note: Your password will change immediately once you have clicked ‘Submit’ and you should therefore use your new password the next time you log in.

Should you have problems please contact contact@footballxp.com for assistance.

To close the account, you can contact our customer service team contact@footballxp.com citing that you wish to permanently delete your account, and they will be happy to help.

Deposit and withdrawal

If you wish to add funds to your account please follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to footballxp.com and click on ‘Add funds’

2. Choose the deposit method you want to use

3. Enter the amount you would like to deposit

4. Click ‘Ok’ and then follow the instructions

No, Footballxp cannot accept deposits from anyone other than the name of the account holder.

Please make sure to use your own payment methods to fund your Footballxp account.

Failure to adhere to this rule can result in your account and/or card being suspended until you can provide our security department with documentation related to the card in question.

For any request for withdrawal, we ask our users to send us an email to contact@footballxp.com indicating their email (email used when registering the account) as well as the desired amount to withdraw. The request will then be processed between 3 and 5 working days.
If a user wants to close its account and receive the money from its account, a 35% penalty applies as well as a management fee of 45€.

There are several ways to deposit on the platform. You can deposit with a card (Visa, MasterCard and many others), cryptocurrencies, wire transfer and some alternative payment that you will find when you go to your profile and click on ‘Add funds’.

You can only withdraw your bonus once you deposit an equivalent amount of the given bonus and then multiply your bonus 30 times the volume.


1. If You receive a 500 Euro bonus you then have to deposit 500 euro to match the bonus amount.

2. You then have to multiply your 500 Euro bonus 30 times until you accumulate 15,000 euro of trading volume to withdraw.

Prices and shares: How does it work?

All football players’ values are based on millions of euros. 10M€ value = 1€ share initial price.

A spread applies on the initial prices to calculate the buying and selling prices. The spread can vary between 0.1% to 1% and can differ from BUY and SELL.

Let’s take an example of a football player that is worth 100M€ and with a BUY spread of 0.5% and SELL spread of 0.6%.

Initial value = 10€

BUY value : 10 + 0.5% = 10.05 €

SELL value : 10 – 0.6% = 9.94 €

FootballXP uses spread on the prices as a commission to maintain liquidity.

When you BUY players, you see your PNL negative, this is the difference (spread) between the BUY and SELL.

The ask price is generally higher than the bid. The difference between these two prices is called the spread.

This spread is the reason your trades start out negative.

Remember, while buying you will enter at the BUY price, and exit at the SELL price.

The PNL is the difference between the price you BUY and the price you can SELL. It can be either positive or negative.

When there is not enough volume, the system automatically regulates the market by increasing or decreasing the spread.

For example, if there are too many buyers for one share, the sell spread will increase.

The leverage is a tool that multiplies the outcome of your efforts without increasing your resources.

You can buy 10, 50, 100, 200 or 1000 times the share of a football player without additional cost, but keep in mind that using the high leverage can bring you a high return but also a fast loss.

When you use the leverage you will pay only the spread multiply by the leverage you choose.

Example :

Example 1 Example 2
BUY price / SELL price 10€ / 9€ 10€ /12€
X10 Leverage -10€ +20€
X100 Leverage -100€ +200€


You always need to keep the available fund in your balance in order to keep your position open and cover the spread value. In case your available fund cannot cover the position open, your position will be closed automatically.

‘Funds available’ is your balance which is free to use. You can use the ‘Funds available’ for the margin call, or you can also withdraw it.

You can charge your balance here.


BE CAREFUL when you use the leverage as you are exposed to lose your balance (Funds available) if the price of the share goes down.

You have to keep “Funds available” POSITIVE to keep your position open if your PNL is negative.

When your positions become at risk and reach the margin call, they are automatically closed. In that case, the amount transferred to your ‘Available Funds’ is :

Amount transferred = Buying price + PNL.

FootballXP DATA

Footballxp cares about offering the widest data and the maximum of leagues and clubs from all around the world so you can find your favorite player. We are listing 50+ leagues and 1,000+ clubs.

In order to offer the most accurate value of your favorite players, their initial prices are based on 2 parameters:

– Their public value/price
– Their actions on the field gathered in a live index.

For the public price, it’s public data. Thus, everyone knows about it.

Concerning the live index, we use multiple actions that happen during a football match to create this accurate live index for each football player.

These 2 parameters together give the most accurate price on a football player on the market.

Each player performs differently on the pitch. The impact he has on the pitch makes his value fluctuate. An explanation using the following 2 situations might be useful:

– If a player scores a goal or assists, his value goes up.
– If a player receives a yellow card or a red card, his value goes down.

Therefore, positive actions such as scoring goals make a player’s value go up and negative actions like obtaining a yellow card make his value go down.

We use multiple parameters that happen during a football match to create an accurate live index for each football player and we created a platform for you. The main parameters used are (but not limited to): assists, fouls, tackles, crosses, interception, goals, dribbles, penalties, accurate passes, key passes, yellow and red cards.

We cumulate the total BUY and SELL amounts.

The platform

Once you have registered on the website, you can either deposit money or use the bonus credit to buy a player’s shares. Then you will need to choose what kind of leverage you want to use when you buy a portion of your favorite player (x10 up to x1000). You will have the option of buying multiple times from the same player or have a diversified portfolio with different players This is up to you and your own strategy.

Navigate through the platform or search the platform to display your player of interest’s page.

Find the player which interests you. Then click on BUY button. You can choose to use leverage (x10 up to x1000). And then automatically the shares are listed in the portfolio and in the portfolio value. The price for each footballer is as per the demand for buying or selling of that footballer in the market at a given time. When you press the ‘BUY’ button, you will buy the share at the given time price.

There is no limit on the number of shares you can buy as long as your balance has enough credit to purchase them.

You can sell the shares of the player you want. Click on SELL and then choose the corresponding BUY (open position) that you want to sell the share. You can SELL one position at a time. Then you need to choose whether you want to sell the whole share ‘ALL’ or just a percentage. The sell allows you to sell your shares at the instant Sell price then and there itself.

A portfolio is a consolidated list of all the current shares held by you.

Rumors talk about the chances of a player moving from one club to another. The certainty of any transfer is indicated by 3 levels, Low, Medium, and High depending on the probability of the transfer.

Footballxp support

We are always open to comments and are willing to work on our platform.

Please let us know what we need to pay attention to by sending us an email at contact@footballxp.com.

If you would like to discuss a query with a member of our Customer Support team, then please send us an email at contact@footballxp.com.