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30 Nov: Best careers after retiring from professional football

There are two main reasons why footballers decide to call it a day: Injury and old age. Obviously there is no telling when the first one may strike. Football is a physical game and accidents can most certainly happen. When it comes to age, this is another factor that varies from player to player. Goalkeepers typically last longer than outfield players. This is because the pressure on them to keep fit is clearly less than their teammates.
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27 Nov: Why is Football so popular?

The world witnessed yet another FIFA World Cup a couple of years back. Millions of people watched around the globe the most popular sport in the world. No other game even comes close to matching the appeal of football. But why do so many people like to play and watch football?
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27 Nov: 2020 Football in a nutshell

2020 has been quite a year. It has been a strange year not only for football but for the entire world. In the midst of a global pandemic, there have been numerous ups and downs this year. However, on the whole, it has certainly not been the year we were all expecting or even hoping for.
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26 Nov: The Player To Watch in 2021

The goals just do not seem to stop for Earling Haaland. The man just keeps scoring, and there appears to be no stopping the goal machine. After winning the Golden Boy award, Haaland scored four against Berlin in the Bundesliga and two against Brugge in the Champions League. Earling Haaland is a machine which just keeps on churning out goals, and we are running out of superlatives for the Norwegian superstar.

24 Nov: Online Trading in India

Football trading has witnessed massive growth in the last few years. Trading platforms have also grown in number along with the number of traders. Thus, football trading offers an opportunity that no one in the footballing community wants to miss out on. The most attractive prospect of trading is the fact that you can earn money by putting your footballing knowledge to use. We have all dreamt of making money by just watching football; trading allows you to do just that!
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23 Nov: Can Jose win the league?

Tottenham Hotspur faced a turbulent 2019-20 season. The club parted ways with Mauricio Pochettino who had been in charge of the club for six years. During his time as Spurs boss, Pochettino transformed Tottenham from a mid-table team to title contenders. The Argentinian also guided Spurs to their first-ever Champions League final in 2019.