23 Nov: Legend has it, Higuain is still celebrating

The offside rule is possibly one of the most difficult to understand and controversial rules in football. It has made a lot of footballers look embarrassed following their wild goal celebrations. Gonzalo Higuain was guilty of celebrating in the world cup final 2014. But the offside flag had gone up which ruled out the goal. The trolls are still to this day floating on the internet.
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20 Nov: Online Investment Sites

People online are starting to look for ways to invest on online sites, and surely one legit way of doing so is trading. But to start earning money, a new trader needs to have the right tools at his/her disposal. Along with market research, traders should also choose the right trading platform. In this article, we discuss some of the best online investment sites.
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18 Nov: Germany hit for a six

The world of football witnessed one of the greatest results in international football on Tuesday night. Spain beat Germany by 6 goals to nil! Yes, you heard that right. The Spanish smacked the mighty Germans in their Nations League match.
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18 Nov: How to make money trading stocks at home

Nowadays, more people are looking for ways to make money online by trading stocks at home. In a stock market, companies have to list their shares so that traders can select and start trading. If a person is doing a trade in the shares of a listed company, he/she is actually buying shares (or a small part) of that company.
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17 Nov: Stock Exchange for Football

Imagine a stock market where you trade footballers rather than company stocks. Football trading is as simple as that. Users can buy and sell shares of the world's top footballers and earn money depending on the performance of a particular player. Unlike traditional soccer betting where you either pick your winnings or lose your stake, here your share value will fluctuate until you decide to sell.
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16 Nov: Chaos in Liverpool

If you are a Liverpool fan, you kind of hope that the international break does not end. The Reds are in the midst of a severe injury crisis and may have to field an extremely inexperienced squad in their upcoming games. The injury list is endless and covers almost every position across the pitch with the defence being hit the worst.